Carnival City

Carnival City Ultra Sports Lounge in Gulf City, Trinidad is the latest ultralounge installation by Streamline Systems, who handled the design and integration of new sound, lighting and video systems — even including interactive bartops!

“The client requested a high-powered sound system to provide great quality sound, not only at lower lounge levels but also at higher SPLs,” explains Mike Pereira of Streamline Systems. “The system also needed to keep up with the high-energy bass required for Caribbean nightclubs. And that’s exactly what Streamline Systems delivered, using EV equipment.” With a total of (10) EVF-1122D front-loaded loudspeakers and (6) EVF-2151D double-15″ subwoofers the club gets LOUD — all powered by CPS2.12 amplifiers.

The outdoor patio extends the high-SPL environment with the use of (2) ZX5PI weatherized loudspeakers, while EVID C8.2 ceiling speakers give constant coverage in restrooms and VIP rooms.

“As the club also has a multipurpose dance floor/stage, we used a pair of EVF-1122D speakers aimed at the dance floor which can be muted for live performance,” Pereira adds. “EV’s Live X ELX115P powered boxes work great as both stage monitors and the DJ monitor, while a mixture of wired and wireless microphones — including the RE-2, R300 and N/D267a — are used on stage and for the DJs.