(NWRHA), Trinidad

North West Regional Health Authority is the governing body for health care in the north western zone of Trinidad. NWRHA, as it is regionally known, contacted Streamline Systems to specify and install multi-zone background music and paging system for their Accident & Emergency unit.

The system was to be a complete replacement of the NWRHA’s existing system which, while under two years old, never seemed to work reliably and did not align with their continuing plan to integrate more modern, efficient, and user-friendly systems into their infrastructure.

Jamal Smart, engineer with Streamline Systems, researched the available options on the market and found the Bosch PLENA matrix system to be a notch above the rest. With contemporary styling and clean lines, room to expand, and rapid installation, the PLENA matrix checked all the boxes for a recommended system.

This was Streamline’s first PLENA matrix installation, so the team set up the system in their offices beforehand and was immediately impressed with the ease of installation and quality of sound – both via the Bosch FM tuner and especially over the paging microphone.

“Installation was amazingly simple,” says Michael Pereira, Director, Streamline Systems.

“We racked the processor and amplifier and simply connected them with a CAT5 cable and we were done – no soldering of XLRs or stripping of cables for Phoenix connectors. Even the microphone and control panel were connected via CAT5. The entire installation, including the mounting and wiring of speakers in two zones, was completed by two guys in one evening!”

Those managing the systems at NWRHA commented: “After 15 years with the company it is the cleanest installation that we have experienced.” The IT manager commented that “As a music man myself I can hear the sonic quality and love that the system is fully programmable via the network … 6 out of 5 stars.”

(1) Bosch PLM-8M8 PLENA matrix 8-channel DSP matrix mixer

(1) Bosch PLM-4P125 4 x 120 watt amplifier

(2) Bosch PLM-8CS call station for PLENA matrix systems

(2) Bosch PLM-WCP matrix wall control panel

(1) Bosch PLE-SDT SD tuner BGM source with MP3 playback from SD card

(10) Bosch LP1-UC10E 10-watt uni-directional sound projector, EVAC compliant