Ramada Paramaribo Princess Hotel

Trinidad-based Streamline Systems was approached to design and install sound, video, acoustic treatment, and lighting systems for the new Ramada Paramaribo Princess Hotel – the largest construction project in Suriname, with five levels of entertainment and accommodation. Electro-Voice sound systems can be found throughout the hotel’s various spaces, including a powerful club installation and a dozen architecture-friendly ceiling speakers

One year prior to the scheduled opening, Streamline’s engineers got to work to not only ensure that systems were designed to international specifications but also o ensure that infrastructure for their systems was put in place during the construction phase and not an afterthought.

As a former Electro-Voice representative, Michael Pereira, Director of Streamline Systems, is well versed in the engineering and installation of these systems. The Streamline team flew from its Trinidad HQ to Suriname for the installation period and executed on their plans. The hotel’s doors opened successfully in December 2013, and a grand opening followed in June 2014.

Multiple audio zones, consistent sound

The hotel is made up of nine integrated yet individually controlled zones, so music from any zone can be shared throughout the hotel.” At the main entrance to the hotel, guests are welcomed to the sound of music played over surface-mounted EVID 6.2TW speakers. The high-quality music playback continues when crossing over the threshold into the hotel. The ground floor of the hotel contains a 6,000 square foot casino which is dotted with EVID C8.2 ceiling speakers (powered via PA2400T amplifiers), a coffee bar (also with C8.2), and a live stage at the center of the casino which features a pair of high-quality, front-loaded EVF-1122D and EVF-2151D speakers powered via Q1212 amplifiers. RE-2N7 wireless microphones are used on the stage.

Heading up the escalators, visitors find themselves at an atrium which overlooks part of the casino floor. One of the atrium walls contains a 130-foot curved projection screen, custom designed and installed by Streamline Systems and requiring four 7,000-lumen projectors for coverage. Behind this area, guests can visit one of the hotel’s fine restaurants. Ogi, a teppanyaki and sushi bar, features more EVID C8.2 ceiling speakers powered via PA2400T amplifiers. The hotel’s main conference room and event space is suitable for banquets and conferences of up to 100 people, and is also equipped with EVID ceiling speakers, along with high-quality NEC projection and a Draper motorized screen.

On the back side of the atrium wall is Next Club, Suriname’s latest nightclub. The club stands out with elite equipment for sound, video, and lighting. Ten EVF-1122D/126 main loudspeakers cover the venue with exceptional quality sound at high SPL, while four QRx 218S subwoofers fill in the low end. The speaker system is powered via seven CPS2.12 120V which allow the system to cruise along, even when the club is at its prime. A pair of ZXA1-90 compact loudspeakers accompany the DJ as monitors, and the RE-2N7 is also in use. Multi-layered acoustic treatment in the club ensures guests enjoying peace and quiet in other parts of the hotel are not disturbed.

The fun doesn’t end on the second level. Heading up to the rooftop, guests find themselves in a restaurant and multi-purpose lounge. Initial meetings with the clients guided Streamline to specify speakers which not only disappear into the design of a space but also really pack and punch, and allow the venue to be used for weddings and parties. A mixture of 12 EVID C12.2 ceiling speakers and eight EVID C10.1 ceiling subwoofers allow the room to sound amazing, whether used for a breakfast buffet or a full-on party.

Looking outside the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the lounge, guests can take in the ambiance of the pool and rooftop deck. Stepping outside, they are greeted by the fresh Suriname breeze and the sound of music played over six ZX1I-100TW speakers. The ZX1 series have long been a favorite of Streamline for lounge venues, small clubs, and even some home installations.