Using top of the line microphones from EV, video switching and distribution from Extron and acoustic treatment from Auralex our engineers are standing by to assist in the broadcast market.

You’ve seen Electro-Voice microphones in the hands of reporters and news correspondents around the world. From interviews with the President of the United States to the family next door, Electro-Voice mics are famous for their high quality sound and rugged reliability in radio, television, studio, and remote broadcast applications. Speaking of remote broadcasts, Neil Armstrong spoke his historic first words on the moon through an Electro-Voice mic in 1969! One of today’s best-known EV broadcast mic users is Ryan Seacrest (American Idol, KIIS FM). EV has helped provide a soundtrack to some of the world’s most historic events. Now it’s your turn: Welcome to EV Broadcast Sound!

Auralex has over 30 years of experience helping famous folks sound their best Auralex Acoustics was founded on the belief that there had to be a much better alternative to the expensive acoustic foam panels available at that time. Indeed there was; not only dramatically less expensive, but also with significant performance advantages.

The great initial success of Studiofoam quickly led to other innovations including the industry-leading Venus™ and LENRD™ Bass Traps. When no reasonably priced diffusors existed, they developed the high-performance T’Fusor™ and MiniFusor™. When customers demanded a modular, absorptive, expandable, and, most importantly, portable solution, they introduced the MAX-Wall (the first acoustical product to ever be featured on the cover of a major industry magazine) and Stand-Mounted LENRDs™ to great widespread acclaim!

When there were few low-cost, effective construction and isolation products, Auralex answered with SheetBlok™, U-Boat™ Floor Floaters, PlatFoam™, and other affordable solutions. Most recently, Auralex staff created specialty products such as the GRAMMA™ (Gig & Recording Amp & Monitor Modulation Attenuator) and our hot new MoPADs™ that answer critical isolation needs and result in dramatically truer sound.

Just a few of the broadcast facilities using Auralex Acoustics

  • ABC Radio Network
  • ABC TV
  • AT&T
  • CBS Radio Network
  • CBS Sports
  • CBS Television’s CSI
  • NASA (Mission Control & Kennedy Space Center)