Perimeter Security

When your property or critical resources require the best protection available, the lowest nuisance alarm rates in the industry, and the highest reliability, you need systems from Fiber SenSys. Their all fiber-optic intrusion detection system is capable of detecting simultaneous intrusion attempts on all zones along your perimeter. You’ll know instantly when an intruder – or a group of intruders – is attempting to breach your perimeter.

    • Continuous perimeter protection
    • High accuracy, low nuisance alarm rate
    • High reliability
    • Immune to harsh environmental effects
    • Tracking of multiple-point intrusion attempts
    • Flexible design
    • Cost efficient

The Fiber-Optic Advantage

With conventional microwave or coaxial systems, electromagnetic and radio-frequency radiation can disrupt the sensor signal, causing false alarms or masking real ones. Fiber SenSys systems are based on sophisticated fiber-optic technology that is not susceptible to EMI/RFI, making their systems the most reliable, accurate, and tamperproof available.

Because the fiber-optic sensors use the power of light, the systems can be installed to be completely safe for deployment at chemical or ammunition depots, electrical substations, areas prone to lightning strikes, or any location where the use of electricity is a concern.


    • Airports and airstrips
    • Military installations
    • Government facilities
    • Prisons
    • Nuclear and Chemical plants, refineries
    • Estates and heritage properties
    • Power stations and reservoirs
    • Stockyards


Perimeter Security with Fiber Optic Technology - FiberSenSys - SCEC Approved
Perimeter Security with Fiber Optic Technology - FiberSenSys - SCEC Approved
High detection reliability, lightning immunity, hazardous environment, 20 years life span. SCEC Approved. More information at