Club Next, Suriname

Streamline Systems was approached to design and install sound, video, acoustic treatment, and lighting systems into the most advanced nightclub in Suriname.
The club stands out with elite equipment for sound, video and lighting. (10) EVF-1122D/126 cover the venue with perfect quality sound at high SPL while (4) QRX218S subwoofers fill in the low end. The speaker system is powered via (7) CPS2.12 120V which allow the system to cruise along even when the club is at its prime. A pair of ZXA1-90 speakers accompany the DJ as monitors and the RE-2N7 is in use by the DJ.

With all this power it was clear that acoustic treatment would be needed for to protect those needing to rest in the hotel from those wanting to party in the club. Streamline turned to Auralex Acoustics and designed a multi layered system to keep acoustic frequencies from exiting the club.  Approximately (1100) sheets of Auralex 2” Mineral fiber was installed into the walls and ceilings, sandwiched between layers of Auralex SheetBlok sound barrier material. Finally Auralex StopGap acoustical sealant was used to seal any air spaces around electrical boxes air vents and cutouts.

No expense was spared in the club as Streamline specified the Pioneer DJ DJM-2000NXS mixer and a pair of CDJ-2000NXS multi players. Lighting systems were again top of the line with equipment from Robe lighting, Anolis and X-Laser with dual touchscreen control using Martin Light Jockey and Pangolyn QuickShow laser control software. Streamline’s engineers selected the Robe Robin 100 LED beams as the main moving heads for the venue. The Robin’s ultra fast movement and smooth color mixing were able to create an amazing club vibe with just the use of six moving heads! The entire venue was wrapped with (72) Anolis ArcSource 4MC, these are excellent quality RGBW downlighters which perfectly complement the color mixing of the Robe moving heads. Additional effects included (6) Hanson Pro Systems GrUV blacklights with built in effects and (2) Hanson Pro Systems CO2-S fixtures for CO2 effects.

X-laser was turned to for their great build quality on lasers, (8) X-Laser X-Pod Red and (8) X-Laser X-Pod Green were used in addition to bounce mirrors to create a mesmerizing mesh of lasers bouncing safely above one’s heads. The feature laser was chosen to be the X-Laser Mobil Beat MK-5, a full color RGB laser. We decided to control the Mobil beat via Pangolyn’s QuickShow ILDA software to create a truly immersive show complete with animations, logos of the club, text and wicked areal shows.  Overall lighting control via Martin Light Jockey 2 with touch screen.

Next Club
(10) EV EVF-1122D/126
(4) EV QRX218S
(7) EV CPS2.12 120V
(2) EV ZXA1-90
(1) EV RE-2N7
(72) Anolis ArcSource 4MC
(6) Robe Robin 100 LED Beam
(6) Hanson Pro Systems GRuV
(2) Hanson Pro Systems Co2-S
(8) X-Laser X-Pod Red
(8) X-Laser X-Pod Green
(8) X-Laser Mobil Beat MK5